Pricing and Features

How much is the streaming service and what do I get by paying monthly?

The YogiTunes streaming service costs only $18 per month!

For that you:

  • Get unlimited access to listen to our entire catalog... hundreds of DJ mixes + thousands of hand-picked albums
  • Make your own custom playlists, which become instantly available on any of your devices...
  • Stream in 'offline mode' which saves any music you want directly to your smartphone or tablet for playback without an active internet connection
  • Browse by activity, duration, mood or genre

+ tons more cool features to come!

Playing music without an internet connection

Is it possible to download the music on your new service like you could with the old? The building I teach in doesn't have internet, so it's not possible for me to stream music.

Yes, it is possible to use our app without an active internet connection. Any music in the new app can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet using our 'Offline Streaming' mode.

Simply click the 3-dot symbol next to any song, album or playlist and select "Save for offline playback"

Then, click the back button until you return to the home 'Browse' page. From there you'll see a triple bar navigation button at the top... this is the main navigation menu.

Click that, and you will see 'Offline Music'. Select that and you should see any music you've saved to your device, which is now available for playback without an internet connection.

Downloading Music

Is it possible to download music to a laptop using the new streaming app?

In short the answer is no :)

Streaming, by definition doesn't grant you permanent ownership of music like real downloading does (our previous service was a true download service, which we've discontinued.)

However, you can save any of our music to your smartphone or tablet using offline streaming mode. This allows you to listen to as much music as you want without an internet connection, but the feature is only for mobile devices.

Because laptops and desktops are always connected to the internet, they do not require offline streaming mode and thus cannot save music using that feature.

We will still offer downloads for purchase in our store though... which you can purchase 'a la carte' instead of by being a monthly subscriber.

To do that, go to our website and click 'Buy Music' :)

Reset Password

How do I reset or change my password?

You can request a new password by entering the email address associated with your account here:

User Account > Change Password

Then you will receive an email with a link to click to reset that password and Log In again!

Apple Cancellation

How do I Cancel My Apple Subscription?

To manage your Subscription you can either do that through iTunes -> Subscriptions. Or by using your mobile and going to Settings, Account and then Subscriptions. Apple unfortunately doesn't give us access to modify subscriptions on their platforms, so you will need to cancel that yourself.

Here is a link which shows how to easily cancel that Subscription:

Apple Support

We are sad to see you go and if there is anything we can do for you please send us a message through the In-App Support Chat, or shoot us an email to and we would Love to work with you!

If you would be willing to give us any feedback, please follow the link below:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thanks for Listening with Us!

Web/Android Cancellation

How do I Cancel My YogiTunes Subscription?

To Cancel a Subscription with us:

  • Click the ‘Menu’ button top right then click ‘Account’
  • Click the 'Subscription' tab
  • Click the 'Cancel Now' button

We are sad to see you go and if there is anything we can do for you please send us a message through the In-App Support Chat, or shoot us an email to and we would Love to work with you!

If you would be willing to give us any feedback, please follow the link below:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thanks for Listening with Us!

File Format of Purchased Downloads

What Format are Purchased Songs In?

All our Songs are 320kbps MP3. This is the highest quality of MP3 file available.

In some cases we also may have lossless options for you Audiophiles. Please inquire individually in those cases by contacting

Purchasing Individual Track

How can I purchase just a single Track, and not the entire Album or Mix?

We have Two options for Purchasing Individual Tracks!

Option 1: With the Album/Mix open on your screen, hover over the Track you would like to Purchase. You will see some Dots ‘…’ appear to the far right. Click on the Dots and there is an option to Buy that Track individually.

Option 2: You can also make a playlist of individual Tracks you’re interested in then buy the whole playlist.

Downloading Purchased Music

How do I download my purchased music?

Downloads from us will come in the form of a ZIP file. This is a common and handy format for sending large files quickly over the internet.

Once the ZIP file has downloaded, simply open it up or UNZIP it and you will find a folder inside with your MP3 audio files in it.

Drag and drop the MP3’s from the folder into a new playlist in your music player of choice and then you can sync those songs to your mobile device.

Streaming on Smartphone or Tablet

Can I Stream Music on my Tablet or Smartphone?

Yes you can! We have Mobile Apps for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android Devices! Click the corresponding button below and you will be taken to the App Store to download our app!

Google Store

Apple Store

Please note that an active Subscription is required to use the App. If you are on the Free - Download Store Access Only Plan, then you a limited to browsing our offerings on the Website and listening to previews of our Songs there.

Custom Playlist Creation

Can I make my own Playlists?

We have built a really simple playlist editor in both the Web and Mobile versions of our App!

On Mobile simply tap on the 3 dots '...' next to any song in order to add it to a Playlist. You can then either create a new Playlist, or add that song to an existing Playlist.

On the Web we have a great Video Tutorial we just put together that will demonstrate how to create a Custom Playlist as well as some other nifty other features:


Differences in Plans

What is the difference in all the subscription plans?

The Free Plan is simply access to the Download Store to Browse and Purchase Songs. No Streaming. No Performance Rights.

The Individual Plan includes Unlimited Streaming, use of the Mobile App, and Custom Playlist Creation. No Performance Rights.

The Teacher Plan includes all the above features PLUS Performance Rights!

So as opposed to having to separately pay ASCAP and BMI Performance Fees for using music while you teach, with our Teacher Plan all of those rights are bundled in! You can Stream our songs in your Studio, Spa, Workshops and Classes and be completely covered in terms of music performance rights :)

The Studio Plan includes all the features of the Teacher Plan and is designed to provide Performance Right coverage to an entire Studio and ALL the Teachers that teach there!
This plan allows the Studio Owner to invite their Teachers to create a Sub-Account for themselves so they can create their own custom playlists and work on them from home.

Sonos Integration

Can I use YogiTunes with my Sonos system?

Currently our App doesn't have direct integration with Sonos but we do suggest Airfoil ( as a viable option to send audio from a Mac, iPhone or iPad to other connected devices, such as a Sonos system.

For PC StreamWhatYouHear works great!

We are aiming to add direct Sonos integration to our App in a future update, though that won't be until late 2018. These should work for you until then!